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AB Productions features Mike Lusk

AB Productions presents Mike Lusk on vocals for Will We. Lyrics are by AB Productions.
Thematically this song speaks to those moments that we all have experienced via our relationships.

AB PRODUCTIONS began with a dream. A dream of creating music.

As a lyricist I knew that I would devote myself to creating the story line. From there the next step would be to reach out to find musicians who then would synch the story with the needed music.

Within the process of creation there lies at it’s very core collaboration. Collaboration which results in the very thing that is universal: Music.

Over the last 20 years I have been able to collaborate in genres ranging from Gospel to Country. With the music itself having received airplay locally, nationally and internationally.

ATB PRODUCTIONS has a motto:

Connect, Collaborate and Create.

“For it is music, music it’s very self that speaks for and speaks to the essence of who we are.”

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