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Amber T x Galaxy Thief

singer songwriter Amber T

Shaken is the brand new single from Singer/songwriter Amber T and South Coast indie/rock 4 piece Galaxy Thief consisting of George Bowerman, Ben Watton, Jamie Eldridge and Jake Trim.

Having never co-written with each other before both sides thought it was a good idea to shake things up a bit, entering into a New Year and new hope for things to improve in 2021. The result is the brilliant “SHAKEN” an emotionally charged, indie pop masterpiece, sublime vocals with a flavor of Stevie Nicks and exceptional musicianship with influences from the likes of The 1975, Nothing But Thieves, Harry Styles etc.

The collaboration for the single came about during the lock down and is a reflection of the creativity and dedication to keep working despite the cancellation of gigs and performing in 2020. Sharing their ideas for the new track online and via Zoom, Amber and the GT boys were able to overcome the obstacles of long distance writing with their unstoppable creative talent; the result was the brilliant “SHAKEN”.” The wait was then on for the lockdown to be relaxed before being able to record the track with producer Michael Smith at RYP Recordings (Weird Milk/Honey Lung/Bess Atwell etc).

At just 17 years old, Amber T is already building an impressive back catalogue with the release in 2020 of her self penned songs “Jigsaw” and “No Company”, both tracks have had over 100,000 spotify streams and were Tracks of the Day on BBC Introducing The South. “No Company” grabbed the attention of Sir Elton John who added it to his Rocket Hour show on Apple Music commenting, “Amber T – how brilliant is she”.

singer songwriter Amber T

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