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Artist Spotlight

Cristóbal Sansano

Cristóbal Sansano launches a collection of 12 instrumental songs that will be released over the months. Deep, honest, and intimate emotions, flirting with classical, ambient, and electronic music, seeking the connection, and sharing an inner message...

Patrick Tabaks

Patrick Tabaks

Patrick Tabaks launches his solo career with his debut album Lost My Mind. Slated for a September release, Patrick produced, co-produced and wrote all nine of the album’s songs, which explore subjects such as grief and question the existence of the...



The song, Premonition, is about trying to look to the spiritual realm for help when in a time of need. With this first single, M'eyes really wanted to maintain that classic pop chorus/verse structure along with some witchy, halloween vibes.



Since he burst onto the scene with his first solo EP, ATLANTIS, at the beginning of 2021, the whirlwind journey of French producer and DJ X.Guardians, on the dance music scene, has been simply exponential. At the heart of X.Guardians' rise is his...

music of Gjova


Coming from a small town, called Husum, in the far North of Germany all the way to Los Angeles in California, I was given the amazing opportunity to collaborate with world-renowned musicians, producers, and record in iconic studios, being in one...

.new song Sexsation

Romeo Saints

Bradford born now living in Manchester Non Binary Romeo Saints brings you a smooth vibed soulful production of their new single “Sexsation” with a beautiful piano melody & blue eyed vocal, the song explores wanting to make intense love with your...


After the release of his 1st track "NO JOKE" in 2020 (2 589 000 views on YouTube, MTV France) discover his new single "Turn Up" (Single & Remix). This track is ideal for your playlists, fresh, colorful, fun and positive.


Young LSN

Young LSN and this song is one songs from my double song EP HEARTBROKEN DOUBTS. On Spotify, apple music and most music platforms.

Soup Of Dreams

Soup of Dreams are three brothers connected together with one passion , music . Imagine a Heaven doesn't need much description , the title itself gives hope for a better world.

cheyanne summer music

Cheyanne Summer

‘Circles’ features a host of talented session musicians, contributing violin motifs, sparkling piano sounds and a slow-rock drum beat; harmonic and perfectly complimenting Cheyanne’s gorgeous vocal melodies With notable pop-rock, R&B and folk...



Zarbo's recent focus on creating catchy electronic dance music amongst other new genres which didn’t exist at the outset of his career, has brought the artist/producer to international radio and streaming success. He was the founding member...

Frankie Ocean (Come Over) Lowlives Collective

Lowlives Collective

Lowlives Collective are a left wing, LGBTQ alternative hip hop group that draw the line between introspective and socially conscious rap. Drawing influences from artists such as Thundercat, Frank Ocean and Kanye West, their latest track “Frankie...

david goundry what you gonna do

David Goundry

bluesy, folksy finger picking and blues rock riffs aligned to well crafted songs and melodic vocals, that evoke the feel of music from the 70’

Th3rdEye Randis

Th3rdEye Randis

Th3rdEye Randis is from Toronto Ontario, Canada. An unsigned, independent rapper who produces, writes mixes and masters all his music. Th3rdEye Randis' music pays homage to $uicideboy$, Nightlovell, Three six mafia.

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