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Artist Spotlight

Prospect Mundo

Chances is the second single of 2021 from rising Toronto RnB artist Prospect Mundo, the melodic track is an infectious dance single waiting for exposure.

soul pop singer elishéva


elishéva is a 21-year-old French-American singer/songwriter. Having originally sold her soul to jazz, elishéva has had a long recovery process into dark pop. She infuses different harmonic and melodic colors into her songwriting, keeping a little...

afro beats by artist Jozzi


Jozzi is a Ugandan based artist His born and bred in Uganda,His one of the pioneers of the new sound in Uganda Jozzi is an afrobeats,Dancehall,Afrotrap,Rnb,Rap artist and bunyuma Kiro is one of them dancehall songs that’s gonna put you in the mood...

joules rio

Joules Rio's … upbeat, body positive celebration….a trap/pop/rock hybrid with sensual vocals that will have you dancing.

singer songwriter Gemma-Dorsett

Gemma Dorsett

Gemma Dorsett has spent the past 15 years developing her voice across rock, blues and soul finding influence in gut-punching artists such as Melissa Etheridge, Beth Hart and Joe Cocker. Gemma currently fronts her own blues/rock band and has been...


Karen Sepulveda

My name is Karen Sepulveda and I was born in 1997 in beautiful Medellin, Colombia. I have been singing my whole life and have always dreamed about a career as an artist. "Defaudada is my first single release. In a few months I will be releasing the...

singer songwriter Ariel-Jones

Ariel Jones

Ariel Jones, singer and songwriter, asserts herself as a versatile singer, having as main influences the universe of R&B/Soul and Hip-Hop. Born in Lisbon, at the age of 8, she moved with her family to the island of Madeira where she spent her...

AB Productions features Mike Lusk

AB Productions presents Mike Lusk on vocals for Will We. Lyrics are by AB Productions.Thematically this song speaks to those moments that we all have experienced via our relationships. AB PRODUCTIONS began with a dream. A dream of creating music. As...

dillastrate narrative


Dillastrate is a “five-piece duo” from New Zealand, producing soul, hip-hop, roots and electronic music.

Our new single Scorch is a throwback to classic conscious hip-hop, featuring the lyrical stylings of LUIS.

More music by Dillastrate

Steroman – Say Watcha!

It’s a 90’s french-touch vibes track, inspired by Modjo, Daft Punk, Chromeo and of course the Jackson 5, i kinda go crazy on it, no samples were used, and i played every instrument. There are some fun screams, this is a friend i recorded...

Solemn Rock is an up tempo guitar rock track.

Amplify Me

Solemn Rock is an up tempo guitar rock track. Wim Van Winsum is a guitarist who records his own music under the name Amplify Me. He recorded and played all instruments and sang on this track. Solemn Rock has bee added to Rockin’ iT Right and...


Sofia Evangelina

Endure is not just a song, it’s a mentality, and more so, a declaration of survival. The song’s lyrics feature many of artist’s personal stories morphed into picturesque metaphors, so vivid that you could almost create mini-film...

RedL's new experimental song


This song, My Cat, started as a joke about catsRedL wanted to have a serious house sound with deep vocalsEvery cat owner knows what the song talks about RedL calls it… experimental house cat music The featured song, My Cat, has been added to...


FAWRU GANNDAL, or the ATTIC OF SAVOIRS, is a long matured album, which offers a journey through time and a call to knowledge.  An album intended for all audiences young and old. An album that gives food for thought which for some will...

ClutchDaddy featured artist


Inspired by Dj khaleed. ClutchDaddy finds beats and writes the music. ClutchDaddy finds artists to link up with for song beats he finds. ClutchDaddy’s song, Champion has been added to mysoundMusic hiphop and mysoundMusic explicit. More music...

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