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BLUEOX is a psych-rock band channeling the spirit of 70’s-era Pink Floyd and My Morning Jacket.

At its core, BLUEOX is Kieran Sullivan (Vocals, Guitars, Bass) and Donny Dykowsky (Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Production.) This Jersey City band’s eclectic music is visceral and melodic, and their live shows are unpredictable and worthy of premier jam band status.

the band called blueox

Review HIghlights:

  • “Dripping in ’70s psych-rock, the Jersey City band, BLUEOX, tap into something murky and melodic” –American Songwriter
  • “BLUEOX’s sound is unique in all the ways music should be” –The Further
  • “A pretty fantastic ride” -Juxtapoz
  • “A musical odyssey” -Cryptic Rock

more music by BLOUOX

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