New single Falling Skies by UnknownWriter 21

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UnknownWriter 21 is a multi-talented artist who writes a lot and sings a little. New single, “Falling Skies” is out now!


I first interviewed UnknownWriter 21 just about a year ago when he released Okay Okay. He was very sincere, open and honest with his answers.

Someone I would have liked to really sit and chat with, face to face, for quite some time. I was thrilled to have yet another opportunity to discover what he has been doing since.

UnknownWriter 21 is from the Philly area. Immensely talented… he sings, he writes, he raps, plays the piano, and is a music engineer. He has worked with Disney’s Corbin Bleu from High School Musical and has performed as a hype man for an artist opening for DMX. He also had a successful debut hit, Can’t Breathe Without Ufeaturing R&B superstar Ne-Yo.

Unknownwriter 21’s sound is a mixture of R&B and Hip Hop with an emotional depth of mystery leaving you with a harmonic chill that winds through the soul but gives you a vision of a greater sight farther than what your eyes can attain in the moment. [spotify bio]

This is exciting, you recently released a new song “Falling Skies” …what inspired it?

Thank you for expressing excitement about my new single, it means the world to me. The funny thing is that the inspiration came years ago when I was listening to a lot of Drake, and I had a few friends and girls that I liked that were always telling me about how people have used them or weren’t thorough, so I decided to write a song about it.

I used what they would tell me and my own experiences with coming across broken souls who had people who didn’t treat them right. I wanted to be the person to explain like, you aren’t alone, and I want to be the person to show that love can still be for you and genuine people who will love and care for you still exist. Ironically, I say this as I am by myself now, but I figure for those who come across a path for a memory in a moment, I hope the experience and teachings last a lifetime.