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Souf 909

Souf 909

Souf 909, a promising artist of urban genre living in Barcelona. His career began when he was young in his country of origin Morocco and in 2012 he moved to Barcelona where he began to create his own line with different musical styles, adding the...

afro beats by artist Jozzi


Jozzi is a Ugandan based artist His born and bred in Uganda,His one of the pioneers of the new sound in Uganda Jozzi is an afrobeats,Dancehall,Afrotrap,Rnb,Rap artist and bunyuma Kiro is one of them dancehall songs that’s gonna put you in the mood...


FAWRU GANNDAL, or the ATTIC OF SAVOIRS, is a long matured album, which offers a journey through time and a call to knowledge.  An album intended for all audiences young and old. An album that gives food for thought which for some will...

Singer Delphi


Delphi describes Stereo as “a groovy song embedded in Caribbean warmth with afro influenced drums in a dreamy atmosphere. The theme of the song is about letting go of the past and moving on.

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