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miLarKey releases new song


miLarKey is from London and has recently started writing in a new genre: Alternative Awareness Rock. Spiritual lyrics sung to decent music not pan pipes! more music by miLarKey Below is highlights from an interview with miLarKey. Full interview is...

This Kind Of Things

This Kind Of Things

This Kind Of Things is DIY project that was born in 2010, when Zézé starts recording some instrumental ideas that were left in the drawer for a long time. The featured song, Right In The Thick Of It, is about the expectation of life and the twists...

Mulligan goes solo with album Constant Companion


Mulligan delivers his 1st solo album called Constant Companion. The featured aong, Arizona, has been added to mysoundMusic playlist. Come browse, listen & enjoy more music by Mulligan and many other talented musicians.

LoverBoy Gelo

One and Done is LoverBoy Gelo’s debut single and it delivers a groove and a swing that will move you coupling it with catchy melodies and a vibe that will surely stuck in your head for days. One and Done is Indie, it is pop, and it has sprinkles of...

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