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RedL always tries to experiment with different styles and Puzzled Remix is a remix of one of RedL's old tracks. Puzzled Remix is a track about passion. It is Alternative and not commercial sound.

music of Gjova


Coming from a small town, called Husum, in the far North of Germany all the way to Los Angeles in California, I was given the amazing opportunity to collaborate with world-renowned musicians, producers, and record in iconic studios, being in one...

cheyanne summer music

Cheyanne Summer

‘Circles’ features a host of talented session musicians, contributing violin motifs, sparkling piano sounds and a slow-rock drum beat; harmonic and perfectly complimenting Cheyanne’s gorgeous vocal melodies With notable pop-rock, R&B and folk...

Loose Buttons

Loose Buttons

"Window Seat" is Loose Buttons' first project with Hop Along guitarist and Beach Bunny producer Joe Reinhart behind the boards, as well as the band's first track release since their 2020 debut LP Something Better. That album earned praise from NME...



This is a track about life
Time that runs fast
The style is different from RedL's usual style.
RedL wanted to express the rush we feel in our daily life and it's nonsense!

Singer Delphi


Delphi describes Stereo as “a groovy song embedded in Caribbean warmth with afro influenced drums in a dreamy atmosphere. The theme of the song is about letting go of the past and moving on.

singer Gerald Ahern

Gerald Ahern

Gerald Ahern is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter from Dublin Pike, Cork, Ireland. He has been a musician and vocalist since childhood. He appeared on primetime Irish television in 2011 performing on The Late Late Show with songs like “Say You Love...

This band called Divisions


An alternative rock soundtrack for troubled times. Divisions comprises Adam & Matthew Moore, Lloyd Stringer, David Thaxton and Kris Winser. Their sound combines introspective lyrics, electronic layers, a solid rock sensibility and detailed vocal...

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