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Mackenzie Lee

Mackenzie Lee

Produced and recorded by Bill Chambers at Chambers Avenue Recording Studio, Mackenzie Lee say’s about this track: "I really enjoyed writing this song. It was at a time when the country was in drought, so I thought I would put a different spin on it...

AB Productions features Mike Lusk

AB Productions presents Mike Lusk on vocals for Will We. Lyrics are by AB Productions.Thematically this song speaks to those moments that we all have experienced via our relationships. AB PRODUCTIONS began with a dream. A dream of creating music. As...

Todd Barrow

Todd Barrow – Prisoner of Love

Story behind the song – Prisoner Of Love I started writing this song a few months ago to reach a broader audience. I enjoy writing high paced energy songs but sometimes the song needs to be a ballad. This is a country ballad with an emotional...

Country artist Brenda Dirk

Brenda Dirk

Singer, Songwriter, Producer - Brenda Dirk is striving to show representation for females in the Music Industry. She has been perfecting and developing her craft, traveling to places all around the world, attending events like Canada’s Music...

Chris Ising

Chris Ising

With over a hundred thousand streams, multiple award wins as a solo artist and songwriter to others, Chris Ising has built a strong reputation in the industry from his roots in Winnipeg down to the southern States.

country Americana singer David Alex Barton

David Alex Barton

David has been an integral presence in the New England Music scene for many years - from his teenage days as the founding member, songwriter/vocalist/guitarist for Boston's legendary power pop punk band "The Outlets"

Country Singer

Erwin de Ruiter – Mother of Lost Souls

Erwin de Ruiter is a very versatile songwriter active in many different genres such as country/folk, gospel, alt-rock and even EDM. His music is used in US TV series Reign and Star and in a junior fashion label ad.

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