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Zarbo's recent focus on creating catchy electronic dance music amongst other new genres which didn’t exist at the outset of his career, has brought the artist/producer to international radio and streaming success. He was the founding member...

Moon Rovers

Moon Rovers is a band of 4. 4 freaks from Russian outback. Take a Break had been released before but it was deleted by label by its fault. Moon Rovers disappeared for almost a year but they have an excuse: they’ve worked hard on new releases...

singer Sary


Sary is an electronic singer from Switzerland. Drawing on elements of electronic pop, slap house and bass house, she creates a unique, danceable blend of pop anthems and dancefloor fillers.

Blazay new sonfg release Loving You


Reminding us of the power and beauty of love, Loving You is the massive new modern dance track from London duo Blazay. Songwriter for the duo, Kevin Best, wrote Loving You as a way to combat the negativity of the current world, hoping the song will...

singer songwriter Suzic


Suzic’s song, Free, is inspired by her own struggles and aspirations in Life. For many years, Suzic’s has been writing songs and music and always with the dream to get her music out there into the world for more people to listen too...

Alex Forsell

Alex Forsell

Alex Forsell and I’m a 24-year old DJ & Producer from Helsinki, Finland. His aim is to create energetic beats that surely get you jumping on the dancefloor. This track is called Drop That and is kind of a Bass House banger, hope you like...

John Huhn Music producer

John Huhn

John Huhn is a music producer/songwriter from the United States (Virginia). His latest release, Real Thing is a Progressive House track featuring the exceptional vocals of Elan Noelle. His creative spirit and broad taste in music is reflected in the...

musician Alex_Forsell

Alex Forsell

"What Are You Waiting", by Alex Forsell, his my brand new single. The lyrics were written together with and sung by Venezuelan singer and songwriter Arianny Escalona.



PALMA introducing brand new release, Crisp Air. a wonderfully produced piece of music, and it connects with the audience through great hooks and pulsating rhythms.

edm artist

Harkaynian – Do It Allnight

Harkaynian is a Jamaican born multi genre artist/producer. Do It Allnight was inspired from his love for dance music. This single carries a European flavour mixed with minimal vocals perfect for the club environment.

edm song Party Boss

Harkaynian – Party Boss

Harkaynian is a Jamaican born multi genre artist/producer. Party Boss was inspired from a fan called BRAAP who showed a great deal of interest in his music. Harkaynian wrote and recorded this song as gratitude to show his appreciation for the...

EDM Dance song

Oochie Laa

Oochie Laa was written and produced by Harkaynian (A Jamaican born multi genre artist). This song was inspired from his love for dance/club music whilst adding his special hybrid touch which involves mixing genres to create something different...

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