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Since he burst onto the scene with his first solo EP, ATLANTIS, at the beginning of 2021, the whirlwind journey of French producer and DJ X.Guardians, on the dance music scene, has been simply exponential. At the heart of X.Guardians' rise is his...

singer Sary


Sary is an electronic singer from Switzerland. Drawing on elements of electronic pop, slap house and bass house, she creates a unique, danceable blend of pop anthems and dancefloor fillers.

dillastrate narrative


Dillastrate is a “five-piece duo” from New Zealand, producing soul, hip-hop, roots and electronic music.

Our new single Scorch is a throwback to classic conscious hip-hop, featuring the lyrical stylings of LUIS.

More music by Dillastrate

Blazay new sonfg release Loving You


Reminding us of the power and beauty of love, Loving You is the massive new modern dance track from London duo Blazay. Songwriter for the duo, Kevin Best, wrote Loving You as a way to combat the negativity of the current world, hoping the song will...

Marcelo Cataldo

Marcelo Cataldo presents Sounds of Hauntology, his second studio album, consisting of 12 instrumental songs of Electronic, Retrowave Synthwave, and Cyberpunk genres. Marcelo Cataldo is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and DJ from La...

The Awakeing Tortuga Turtleson

Tortuga Turtleson

Tortuga Turtleson is the solo project of tiny Tortuga, a turtle living in the Mandarin Trench. Tortuga mixes simplified orchestral elements of acts like Audiomachine and Two Steps from Hell with easy-going chill- and dubsteppish beats à la Uppermost...



PALMA introducing brand new release, Crisp Air. a wonderfully produced piece of music, and it connects with the audience through great hooks and pulsating rhythms.

Pronta Corde


ProntaCorde hails from Mexico City, doing electronic music inspired in disco sounds. Incorporating funky elements with electronic atmospheres and cinematic soundscapes, ProntaCorde’s music is created to be seen on great music videos.



BLKGMMN has been creating Electronic Music since 1995 under different monikers, and multi sub genres (Detroit Techno, Chicago House, Deep House). For 2021 he presents a new E.P. "Electus" from that also the self titled song. Electus contains an...

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