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RedL always tries to experiment with different styles and Puzzled Remix is a remix of one of RedL's old tracks. Puzzled Remix is a track about passion. It is Alternative and not commercial sound.

Country artist Brenda Dirk

Brenda Dirk

Singer, Songwriter, Producer - Brenda Dirk is striving to show representation for females in the Music Industry. She has been perfecting and developing her craft, traveling to places all around the world, attending events like Canada’s Music...


Five serious men are looking for a dance hall to unleash their glitter music. Bound to make you dance, this French band of hard-working boys will teach you how to movebefore the night ends. In the morning, your body will be aching from all the...

female pop singer


“About Us” is about the universality of some feelings like love, acceptance, tolerance, belonging. It is about knowing that beyond all our flaws and deceptions, we still feel that we deserve to be seen, accepted and understood.

Zack Limitless new EP

Zack Limitless

Zack Limitless is a real an honest artist. No nonsense and great sounds. A rapper that’s easy to get behind. His EP titled “From the Bottom” is out on all platforms now!

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