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The song, Premonition, is about trying to look to the spiritual realm for help when in a time of need. With this first single, M'eyes really wanted to maintain that classic pop chorus/verse structure along with some witchy, halloween vibes.

Indie band Joyce Ln

Joyce Ln

Joyce Ln is an Indie Rock band from Chicago, Illinois. During the Covid pandemic, the band used their free time to focus on music again and write their latest single, Static. The song was recorded and produced by the legendary Gravity Studios.

A Highway Of Praise Is Filling The Room And Soaring To Heaven

John Allan

John Allan is a songwriter and worship leader based out of Southern California. His hope is that every song coming from his heart would connect the listener to a deeper relationship with God. John Allan’s song A Highway Of Praise Is Filling...


Lorenzo is an Italian guitarist composer .. who studied pro guitar at the Music Academy of Bologna in Italy. Lorenzo has been making music since he was a child and says “every moment of his life is marked by a soundtrack that he creates...

Pronta Corde


ProntaCorde hails from Mexico City, doing electronic music inspired in disco sounds. Incorporating funky elements with electronic atmospheres and cinematic soundscapes, ProntaCorde’s music is created to be seen on great music videos.

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