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Martin Miles new EP Mint

Martin Miles

Martin Miles is a 26 year old music & video producer from Cologne/Germany, who is currently focused on the genres pop, chillhop and lo-fi. His productions don’t like to stick to a pattern or be pigeonholed, so the songs are a journey...



Since he burst onto the scene with his first solo EP, ATLANTIS, at the beginning of 2021, the whirlwind journey of French producer and DJ X.Guardians, on the dance music scene, has been simply exponential. At the heart of X.Guardians' rise is his...


This song is about having fun and having a strong focus of getting what you want. We wanted to try something different and bring you our version of a k-pop sound. It's got a catchy dance beat and lyrics; which we hope you'll vibe to!

Electronic music duo Bremark


Bremark is an electronic music duo that focuses on the production of House music. Utilizing punchy kicks and fat basses, layering everything with thick drums, vibrant instruments and catchy vocals, Bremark creates music that without a doubt will get...

NY based band Dashboard


The New York City-based Dashboard is a band of helmet-wearing creatives with the goal of entertaining our listeners and giving them a memorable time.

singer Sary


Sary is an electronic singer from Switzerland. Drawing on elements of electronic pop, slap house and bass house, she creates a unique, danceable blend of pop anthems and dancefloor fillers.

Sil van Ried

"You know" by Sil van Ried, has a personal story behind it. That's why this song is very soulful. You will be touched by the melody and the voice of the singer.

Alex Forsell

Alex Forsell

Alex Forsell and I’m a 24-year old DJ & Producer from Helsinki, Finland. His aim is to create energetic beats that surely get you jumping on the dancefloor. This track is called Drop That and is kind of a Bass House banger, hope you like...

musician Alex_Forsell

Alex Forsell

"What Are You Waiting", by Alex Forsell, his my brand new single. The lyrics were written together with and sung by Venezuelan singer and songwriter Arianny Escalona.


The 1st track of a series of house music project from MUN that has Deep house, Lounge, Cocktail music vibe.



PALMA introducing brand new release, Crisp Air. a wonderfully produced piece of music, and it connects with the audience through great hooks and pulsating rhythms.



BLKGMMN has been creating Electronic Music since 1995 under different monikers, and multi sub genres (Detroit Techno, Chicago House, Deep House). For 2021 he presents a new E.P. "Electus" from that also the self titled song. Electus contains an...



Who do you pitch my song to?

I am a verified member of several Music Hubs and have formed working relationships with many music curators. We share & trade songs weekly.

Can you guarantee playlist placement?

No guarantees are made on placement. I do guarantee exposure to a minimum of 5 reputable, organic Spotify curators and 5000 music subscribers fan base. I will guarantee a full refund if I do not find a match for your music and a playlist.

How many streams will I receive on my track?

If I pitch to 5 curators = 5 streams, 10 curators = 10 streams, 20 curators = streams. Keep in mind, buying streams, saves, & listeners is against Spotify's terms. I do not sell streams, saves, or monthly listeners. I offer HELP pitching your song, saving you time & energy, within my curator network

How long will my song stay on playlist?

Because I work with many curators and each have their own "policy" it is hard to say. Generally, songs will stay a minimum of two weeks but on an average 30 days, sometimes longer.

What genres do you work with?

I work with all genres. Please know that playlist are more plentiful for some genres than others. Explicit songs are sometimes harder to place. Consider providing a radio ready song if possible.

Why did someone give you only 1 or 2 star(s)? 

The majority of my reviews have been very positive. I work hard to expose your music to fellow curators & music fans in order to save you, the artist, the time & energy doing so. In the few cases of negative reviews, the buyer did not read the gig description & expected a large volume of streams. You can see my reviews here >

Does mysoundMusic forget about me & my music once gig is delivered?

Absolutely not. I will continue to promote your music. I publish playlist pieces, as often as time allows, featuring artist that have used my service. You can esplore my work on Vocal.Media

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