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Souf 909

Souf 909

Souf 909, a promising artist of urban genre living in Barcelona. His career began when he was young in his country of origin Morocco and in 2012 he moved to Barcelona where he began to create his own line with different musical styles, adding the...


Karen Sepulveda

My name is Karen Sepulveda and I was born in 1997 in beautiful Medellin, Colombia. I have been singing my whole life and have always dreamed about a career as an artist. "Defaudada is my first single release. In a few months I will be releasing the...

Willy Rose

Willy Rose

Willy Rose is a dominican born and New Jersey raised artist. His music is always positive and it gets people to dance. Pasado is a song that talks about leaving the past behind and start all over.

Willy Rose

My name is Willy Rose, i mix pop and dancehall and reggaeton. This is my latest release Pasado. i hope you enjoy it and it makes have good time.

Latin music by Zael & Draque

Zael & Draque

Cousins by blood, brothers by history. Las Vegas-based Zael & Draque combine cerebral wordplay and mesmerizing hooks to create their brand of eclectic Hip Hop X Reggaeton fusion. Their debut album,'Iniciois’, released in 2020, is a seamless...

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