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new song by Yabas

Anymore by Yabas

Have you ever woken up wondering what happened the night before? Let's hope it never got this bad. Still, this infectious song will keep you groovin', even when you don't care "anymore"!

Cristóbal Sansano

Cristóbal Sansano launches a collection of 12 instrumental songs that will be released over the months. Deep, honest, and intimate emotions, flirting with classical, ambient, and electronic music, seeking the connection, and sharing an inner message...

Patrick Tabaks

Patrick Tabaks

Patrick Tabaks launches his solo career with his debut album Lost My Mind. Slated for a September release, Patrick produced, co-produced and wrote all nine of the album’s songs, which explore subjects such as grief and question the existence of the...


After the release of his 1st track "NO JOKE" in 2020 (2 589 000 views on YouTube, MTV France) discover his new single "Turn Up" (Single & Remix). This track is ideal for your playlists, fresh, colorful, fun and positive.

rock band Dream Legacy

Dream Legacy

Dream Legacy are bringing their past and future imaginings together to deliver a swag of singles in 2021/2022 and an album, ‘Once in A Lifetime’, due out in 2022. With the world opening up to live performances, expect to hear and see their work...

Yung Snapz

Yung Snapz

Arizona based artist. Working as one of the members of growth music ent. Every song Yung Snapz creates is about his life or the lives of people close to him. More music by Yung Snapz. mysoundMusic will keep you posted right here as Yung Snapz adds...

pop rock artist red-nobilis

Red Nobilis

Warm, colored, pop. A pinch of colors, a hint of groovy pop with acoustic accents and a huge feeling of freedom. With a real catchy chorus, « Tori » leads us to the sunny and winding roads of groovy poprock, with a summer feeling. Led by a dancing...

Nik Istrice

Nik Istrice

Nik Istrice is a young Italian producer and creator of EDM and Pop songs. He has produced songs for about one year and recently started publishing them on streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Itunes, Amazon music, and so on.

This Kind Of Things

This Kind Of Things

This Kind Of Things is DIY project that was born in 2010, when Zézé starts recording some instrumental ideas that were left in the drawer for a long time. The featured song, Right In The Thick Of It, is about the expectation of life and the twists...

ClutchDaddy featured artist


Inspired by Dj khaleed. ClutchDaddy finds beats and writes the music. ClutchDaddy finds artists to link up with for song beats he finds. ClutchDaddy’s song, Champion has been added to mysoundMusic hiphop and mysoundMusic explicit. More music...

Gospel songer Pedro R Thomas

Pedro R Thomas

Known for smooth vocals and great music production, Pedro R Thomas is one of your favorite gospel artists. At age 5 he started to sing gospel songs which he heard on the radio. On his 6th birthday he sang the song Jesus loves Even Me, his favorite...

E the Elite

E speaks from his own personal experiences and uses his platform to guide listeners through his growth and progression in hopes that they can relate and grow together. Despite the tests and trials that E faced throughout his early life in Newark, he...

Mr Milk

Mr. MiLK

Mr. Milk’s re imagination of the epic Bruce Banner walking away theme from the TV show “The Incredible Hulk” staring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. Original written by Joe Harnell. Featured on UK Talk Radio. The Lonely Man was added...


Nagoya is a french alternative pop band inspired by the sound and visual atmosphere of the night. At the crossroads of organic and electronic music, the four musicians travel between dream and reality to express their feelings and fantasies. "Scared...

Indie band Sombre View

Sombre View

Sombre View is an alternative pop band from Gothenburg, Sweden playing music ranging from acoustic to electronic often with folk or classical touch. Forever Young is a heartfelt and beautiful acoustic interpretation of the old classic hit by...

Subliminal Feeling by Conner Pearl

Conner Pearl

This electro pop dance track is meant to embody the duality of heartbreak and elation at the same time. "Subliminal Feeling" is meant to bring you into the world I was living through at that time.

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