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Patrick Tabaks

Patrick Tabaks

Patrick Tabaks launches his solo career with his debut album Lost My Mind. Slated for a September release, Patrick produced, co-produced and wrote all nine of the album’s songs, which explore subjects such as grief and question the existence of the...

cheyanne summer music

Cheyanne Summer

‘Circles’ features a host of talented session musicians, contributing violin motifs, sparkling piano sounds and a slow-rock drum beat; harmonic and perfectly complimenting Cheyanne’s gorgeous vocal melodies With notable pop-rock, R&B and folk...



Zarbo's recent focus on creating catchy electronic dance music amongst other new genres which didn’t exist at the outset of his career, has brought the artist/producer to international radio and streaming success. He was the founding member...


This song is about having fun and having a strong focus of getting what you want. We wanted to try something different and bring you our version of a k-pop sound. It's got a catchy dance beat and lyrics; which we hope you'll vibe to!

Moon Rovers

Moon Rovers is a band of 4. 4 freaks from Russian outback. Take a Break had been released before but it was deleted by label by its fault. Moon Rovers disappeared for almost a year but they have an excuse: they’ve worked hard on new releases...

Alexander Joseph

Alexander Joseph

Now or Never reflects on the challenging circumstances we’ve been facing around the world recently, whilst also drawing attention to the incredible achievements of the para athletes who competed at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo this year.

Jenny Dolly

Jenny Dolly has recently released her 1st original song. In Jenny's own words .... "Alone in my shoes is my first brushstroke on the canvas, the first footprint on an unknown planet, where I have never set foot and where I found myself alone with my...

Raphaël Klemm

Raphaël Klemm

Mixing haunting rock riffs with an irresistible electro-pop atmosphere, supported by a warm and powerful voice, Sorry dear world, by Raphaël Klemm is one of those singles that you catch and love from the first listen... and even more the following...



FIN8TY has a Versatile style unlike any other. He is based in Perth, Western Australia. He is a Singer and Songwriter. He mixes genres such as pop and rap to give a unique twist to his Tracks.


Lakunée est une auteure compositeur interprète pop qui aime transmettre tout le bonheur qu’il y a à chanter. Lakunée c’est une voix reconnaissable qui transmet à la fois la fragilité de la vie et l’envie de vivre avec force, également la prévalence...

Nik Istrice

Nik Istrice

Nik Istrice is a young Italian producer and creator of EDM and Pop songs. He has produced songs for about one year and recently started publishing them on streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Itunes, Amazon music, and so on.

Pop, Electopop, Indiepop, EDM

Michael Graff

Michael Graff is an emerging electronic pop artist from the United States. He’s currently launching his single Love Again which showcases his uncanny ability to fuse euphoric synth-dripped EDM with infectiously modern, pop-perfect melodies. His...

Pan Rich - The First Album

Pan Rich

Pan Rich - The First Album is a fun project by Czech-German film composer Richard Blaha, which he produced while the Corona lockdown 2020. It’s a conceptual and a bit funny and ironic album with twelve silly songs about music making.

Jonathan C


Great vocals and melody from Lies, a nice groove and a cool rap part from rapper Jonathan C.
Do You Believe is a song in the styles of Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, Ava max , etc...

Jade 10

Seeing all the body shaming, online bullying, teenage depression and just everyday mental health struggles some are dealing with we thought it was time to help people feel good about themselves again. I Am Beautiful is meant to give hope, strength...

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