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dillastrate narrative


Dillastrate is a “five-piece duo” from New Zealand, producing soul, hip-hop, roots and electronic music.

Our new single Scorch is a throwback to classic conscious hip-hop, featuring the lyrical stylings of LUIS.

More music by Dillastrate

hip hop artist Earl Rose

Earl Rose

Earl Rose, is an experienced writer. who specializes in making creative content. HIs goal is to make the world into a better place making it more valuable to all who I came across before I die. Follow Earl Rose to help him succeed. Editor’s...

Lowkeydro – Stepping

Stepping can be used in many ways. How went to the bank I Stepped to the bank or you drive a Benz and your homie drive a Acura your whip stepping on his. So basically there’s no limit to how you use stepping. Won’t it to be a summer hit! THe...

THE BASTERDS – Bad Motherfuckers

Brother-duo Jordan Hopa & Joe Delays have just released their first EP Bad Motherfuckers featuring the songs:– Da Blaze– BadMotherfuckers– Mayo Their creative play with lyrics pays homage to film, television, music and all...

Show-Me Face releases Rap Alone

Show-Me Face

Rap Alone is a new single from DMV rapper/producer Show-Me Face. Produced by Dro Coolie and mixed and mastered by Show-Me Face himself, Rap Alone greatly displays Face’s legendary lyrical ability and thunderous vocal delivery. Autotune free...

Nipsey Hussle & Juice Lee

Before the late Nipsey Hussle passed away. He recorded with San Diego Base Juice Division Records CEO Juice Lee numerous unheard nipsey hussle tracks before Nipsey Hussle tragic death.


FOCUSED is a smooth hard hitting sound that will take you out of the five sense reality. FOCUSED new track THE PAPERS from his third album AM GRINDING is about rewriting history into digital form. With a little green help from FOCUSED intergalactic...

thoweda rosas

Thoweda Rosas

Influenced by the Chopped & Screwed movement (a.k.a. Slowed & Throwed, a nod to his name) + 90’s West Coast rap, Thoweda Rosas started slowing his beats and coating his lyrics with thick, cough syrup, psychedelic vibes. Thoweda Rosas album...

music by x-shai


Ernest Abitih known as Sanda has popularized his new stage name X-Shai. Though he is a new rapper,singer in soundcloud, X- Shai has developed good fan base in soundcloud.

hip hop rapper Gritt Gritt

Gritt Gritt

Go Deep," paints a picture of establishment-standing tall owing the ground you walk on. There is an air of urban royalty about go Deep," GRITT GRITT is king- be prepared to neal if he show his rings. The pounding 808 beat pumps out a solid deep...

hiphop artist Adela


This Women’s History month, rapper/singer, certified Gold Songwriter AdELA has teamed up with Alonda Rich and Producer Ms Madli on an all female led single “My Green”. The song was written and recorded in the renowned IMI Studios in pre-pandemic New...

rap artist Famoe on Spotify

Famoe – Changes

Famoe who already released some Songs in the past through Universal, Sony, Kontor Records is running Rap & Rhymes Records and working meanwhile on some Graphic Novel Soundtracks here you can enjoy a R&B Record from his latest Album Lifetime.

Rap Artist Famoe

Famoe – On My Side

Famoe who already released some Songs in the past through Universal, Sony, Kontor Records is running Rap & Rhymes Records and working meanwhile on some Graphic Novel Soundtracks, here you can enjoy a Westcoast Record called "On My Side" with Rap...

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