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AHVE (ah-vey) - a euphoric moment or a sudden moment in euphoria
Through his music, artist AHVE, creates a euphoric moment in time.

Carlos Morgan

Carlos Morgan

Featured on mysoudnMusic, Multi award winning singer, songwriter, vocalist, producer and recording artist, Carlos Morgan, is poised to break out on a global level.


Boom (Doo Wop Version) is smooth R&B at its finest with a captivating love storyline. As the old Jazz standard “My Funny Valentine” says “Each day is Valentine’s Day”

Shaun Much Emergency

Shaun Much Emergency

Shaun Much produces Rnb and Hip hop tracks, influenced by old School G Funk sounds, Khalid, Post Malone and Reggaeton Trap artists like Bad Bunny. Now featured on mysoundMusic

Janaki Easwar

Janaki Easwar

13-Year-Old Janaki Easwar embarked on her musical journey early in her life. Janaki made TV history by becoming the youngest artist ever to go on ‘The Voice’ in 2021. Her blind audition where she performed ‘Lovely’ by Billie Eilish gathered global...

Rosewood Summer

Rosewood Summer

With this colorful and catchy song, To See You Smile, Rosewood Summer shares a message of resilience and hope with her audience. Now featured on mysoundMusic.

The Ebonizer

The Ebonizer

She is now an "Ebonized Boss". She is CEO of her entertainment company and music label called Music Evolved Records and her media company called "Ebonized Me".

new song by Matej

Matej ft. D-Twenty3

Say a word is a singer/songwriter type of song with some R&B, Pop, slow jam breakup sad song. When everything’s done it will be part of Matej's songwriting album titled Written By Me


Looking toLove her internally while getting to the bagDoing what we love with one and other As of Lately was added to: BaeBee BaeBeeR&B, Soul, World Music at mysoundMusic more music from Ik **/ Pitched & Placed: R&B, Soul & something...



OneFiftyNine's song called Straight Face provides a sort of reminder for us to pay careful attention to the ACTIONS of a love interest--and not just their words! There are many 'fakes' out there, taking advantage of those who are looking for true...

Rosewood Summer

Rosewood Summer

Rosewood Summer is an up-and-coming artist who uses her voice and her music as a therapeutic tool to illustrate life events with a humorous twist or to address topics dear to her heart such as women's rights, mental health, love, abuse. Through...


Independent singer-songwriter Menna announces the release of ‘Hurt You’, a song of protest to condemn and satirize the love of guns.


Kezia – So Lovely

So Lovely, by Kezia, is a Pop Urban track with the Caribbean feel that adds more passion and beats. Like its title, the song is all about feeling life, love, and beauty.
It's time we celebrated how nice it is to be happy.

new music from mystery_o

mystery_o and Kate McQuaide

The song, Control, was created around the Kate’s unique vocal style. We wrote the song together, from the chords up (with her taking full control of the lyrical content) and built it into a 2-track EP alongside track 2, “Midnight Movies”. The EP has...

new song by Arimatea


Arimatea is a rising artist whose upcoming single, ‘Life Can Be Easy’, is out October 8th and will be available to stream on all major streaming platforms!

Rack mafia

Artist name is Dre Burrell aka foont from Detroit Michigan 26 years old the song is made for a woman He love and want things to be vice versa



Who do you pitch my song to?

I am a verified member of several Music Hubs and have formed working relationships with many music curators. We share & trade songs weekly.

Can you guarantee playlist placement?

No guarantees are made on placement. I do guarantee exposure to a minimum of 5 reputable, organic Spotify curators and 5000 music subscribers fan base. I will guarantee a full refund if I do not find a match for your music and a playlist.

How many streams will I receive on my track?

If I pitch to 5 curators = 5 streams, 10 curators = 10 streams, 20 curators = streams. Keep in mind, buying streams, saves, & listeners is against Spotify's terms. I do not sell streams, saves, or monthly listeners. I offer HELP pitching your song, saving you time & energy, within my curator network

How long will my song stay on playlist?

Because I work with many curators and each have their own "policy" it is hard to say. Generally, songs will stay a minimum of two weeks but on an average 30 days, sometimes longer.

What genres do you work with?

I work with all genres. Please know that playlist are more plentiful for some genres than others. Explicit songs are sometimes harder to place. Consider providing a radio ready song if possible.

Why did someone give you only 1 or 2 star(s)? 

The majority of my reviews have been very positive. I work hard to expose your music to fellow curators & music fans in order to save you, the artist, the time & energy doing so. In the few cases of negative reviews, the buyer did not read the gig description & expected a large volume of streams. You can see my reviews here >

Does mysoundMusic forget about me & my music once gig is delivered?

Absolutely not. I will continue to promote your music. I publish playlist pieces, as often as time allows, featuring artist that have used my service. You can esplore my work on Vocal.Media

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