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music of Gjova


Coming from a small town, called Husum, in the far North of Germany all the way to Los Angeles in California, I was given the amazing opportunity to collaborate with world-renowned musicians, producers, and record in iconic studios, being in one...

rock band Dream Legacy

Dream Legacy

Dream Legacy are bringing their past and future imaginings together to deliver a swag of singles in 2021/2022 and an album, ‘Once in A Lifetime’, due out in 2022. With the world opening up to live performances, expect to hear and see their work...

This Kind Of Things

This Kind Of Things

This Kind Of Things is DIY project that was born in 2010, when Zézé starts recording some instrumental ideas that were left in the drawer for a long time. The featured song, Right In The Thick Of It, is about the expectation of life and the twists...

Indie band Joyce Ln

Joyce Ln

Joyce Ln is an Indie Rock band from Chicago, Illinois. During the Covid pandemic, the band used their free time to focus on music again and write their latest single, Static. The song was recorded and produced by the legendary Gravity Studios.

3Mind Blight

3Mind Blight as an artist produces music by a feeling or emotion. Stylistically the genres change according to mood and often times several genres are blended into each new song. Rap/Rock/Metal/Orchestral/Film Scores/Beats/Instrumentals/Pop/Alt Pop/...

Solemn Rock is an up tempo guitar rock track.

Amplify Me

Solemn Rock is an up tempo guitar rock track. Wim Van Winsum is a guitarist who records his own music under the name Amplify Me. He recorded and played all instruments and sang on this track. Solemn Rock has bee added to Rockin’ iT Right and...

Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice

Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice

“And I’m the coming spaceman Leaving to the galaxy Set to the infinity I’m the coming spaceman“ This space rock song, Road to Universe, is dedicated to the time when humanity will be able to do interstellar travel, it is...

Justin Mohn

Justin Mohn wrote this humorous yet complexly evolving song which pokes fun at white people stereotypes in attempts to help close the racial divide. Wonky Honky has been added to Artist in the Queue and Rockin’ iT Right more music by Justin...

Rockband Dreamcall


Dreamcall is a Swedish metalcore band formed in 2005. With inspiration from bands such as Bleed From Within, Lamb Of God, Bury Your Dead and At the Gates etc. Dreamcall brings you intensity, powerful growls, complex riffs and super tight chugging...

singer songwriter Ellie Rogers

Ellie Rogers

Ellie Rogers’ music is lyrically poignant with a range of rock styles that bridges dark melodies with upbeat tempos.

featured song Tightrope

Tightrope has been added to

more music by Ellie Rogers

pop-rock band Storm


Storm is a rock trio formed in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2019. The song Angel is their debut single release from the end of 2019. It's a classic rock song featuring the band's typical rich harmonic vocals and original musical idea. Storm don't limit...

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