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Rockband Dreamcall


Dreamcall is a Swedish metalcore band formed in 2005. With inspiration from bands such as Bleed From Within, Lamb Of God, Bury Your Dead and At the Gates etc. Dreamcall brings you intensity, powerful growls, complex riffs and super tight chugging...

singer songwriter Ellie Rogers

Ellie Rogers

Ellie Rogers’ music is lyrically poignant with a range of rock styles that bridges dark melodies with upbeat tempos.

featured song Tightrope

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more music by Ellie Rogers

pop-rock band Storm


Storm is a rock trio formed in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2019. The song Angel is their debut single release from the end of 2019. It's a classic rock song featuring the band's typical rich harmonic vocals and original musical idea. Storm don't limit...

band name Rife


With one leg in British 80's & 90's indie- and punk scene and the other in modern American rock this song is a product of growing up influenced by beautiful music on both sides of the Atlantic. Rife is life...

Melodramatic Sinner


Melodramatic Sinner is an artist and songwriter based in Croatia. He has a passion for creating music that tips the hat off to the best alternative rock.

memoirs by 12 Limbs

12 Limbs – Memoirs

The unique 3-piece Russian band, who first landed on our shores a year ago with their distinctive fusion of indie/rock, announce the release of their first official single since the start of lockdown; ‘Memoirs’ (out 20 November), is 12 Limb’s...

new song called we-declare-peace

Skybridge – We Declare Peace

SkyBridge is a global project led by a Japanese artist, Utako Toyama. SkyBridge has a slogan of "We look different, we ALL smile the same" and our goal is to promote diversity, equality and world peace through music. We have collaborated with...

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