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Alexander Hanscom

Alexander Hanscom is a pop artist from Boston, MA. Formerly a YouTube personality known as Xela, Alexander is no stranger to content creation. “Two Kids" is a ballad and serves as a musical time capsule of the summer Alexander met the love of his...

Top tracks for The Ghibertins

The Ghibertins

In Your Arms is about our concept album’s protagonist living through his sixties. Diametrically opposed to ‘20149-Milano’, this song wants to delicately transpose the serenity you feel in feeling loved and fulfilled regardless of all...

Emma River

Emma River is a Norwegian singer-songwriter currently based in Los Angeles. Flowers in My Hair is her 4th single. The song is filled with rich and pure vocal layers reminiscent of The Staves, which is her staple. The lyrics explore themes of...

singer songwriter

Grant Kennedy

Grant Kennedy is a singer songwriter who grew up on the Canadian prairies. When you listen to Kennedy you hear warm melodies and easy listening vocals blended with stellar musicianship. The Self You Used to Know is the first single off Kennedy's...

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