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This Kind Of Things

This Kind Of Things

This Kind of Things is a DIY project that was born in 2010, when Zézé started to record some instrumental ideas that were left in a drawer for a long time. Initially, the project focused on the Post-Rock and Post-Punk genres.


Franklin Stone

Franklin Stone is a songwriter, rapper and producer that began his musical journey playing drums and alto sax in a church in Maryland. He often drifts between catchy melodies and dense raps over his own production.

Electronic music duo Bremark


Bremark is an electronic music duo that focuses on the production of House music. Utilizing punchy kicks and fat basses, layering everything with thick drums, vibrant instruments and catchy vocals, Bremark creates music that without a doubt will get...

Monokino's new song Bend and Break


Monokino is the alias for Dutch composer George van Wetering. Hailed as “a free spirit that finds harmony with disparate elements and a pattern without a formula” Monokino’s uniquely odd-ball pop has already struck a chord with audiences across the...


The first single off of Savri’s Debut EP ‘Not About Me’ tells about the longing for a different life that brought Severin Bruhin to the decision to move to London.

Chris Ising

Chris Ising

With over a hundred thousand streams, multiple award wins as a solo artist and songwriter to others, Chris Ising has built a strong reputation in the industry from his roots in Winnipeg down to the southern States.

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