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Cristóbal Sansano launches a collection of 12 instrumental songs that will be released over the months. Deep, honest, and intimate emotions, flirting with classical, ambient, and electronic music, seeking the connection, and sharing an inner message with vital necessity. A careful recording looking for the best textures and emotions within a desired evocative and balsamic simplicity.

Cristóbal Sansano began his piano studies at the age of 8, played in some bands, gave some classical piano concerts, and finally debuted in the late 80’s as a composer, arranger, and producer of pop music, participating in hits by artists such as Ricky Martin, Pavarotti, Magneto, Loco mía, Tom Jones, Bruno e Marrone, Miriam Hernández, Rocío Jurado, Ha Ash, Richard Cocciante, Mina and in particular Mónica Naranjo, to whom he launched to stardom and dedicated a large part of his career, participating in most of her successes.

More than 50 million in albums and singles sales did not change his taste for the simple, quiet, and independent life.

Cristóbal begins an intimate and cinematographic trajectory, alternating with serene, romantic, and melancholic environments and with the absolute guarantee of feeling, living, and exercising his creative musical freedom.

First up (& out) is Cristóbal’s song, Ethernity, which has been add to mysoundMusic Instrumental Music and mysoundMusic Around the World

mysoundMusic will keep you posted as Cristóbal releases each new song.

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