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DC Smith : Conversations: Let’s Make it Right, ft Briana Kivi and C4Play

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DC Smith is an artist whose music transcends any genre or era. His sound is a mix of soulful melodies and southern beats, with a hint of 90s R&B influence. He has been working on his craft for years and is finally ready to share his music with the world!

DC Smith recently released record, Conversations: Let’s Make it Right, featuring Briana Kivi and C4Play, marks his first official foray into the public sphere.

However, this is just the beginning, as DC has an extensive vault of rich, soul-provoking music waiting to be released. Listeners can expect a diverse range of sounds from DC Smith, spanning from irresistible dance hits to soul-stirring love ballads and thought-provoking classics. His music seamlessly blends soulful and southern melodies with modern and 90s R&B influences, creating a fusion that is both familiar and refreshing. [Spotify Bio]