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Delphi describes Stereo as “a groovy song embedded in Caribbean warmth with afro influenced drums in a dreamy atmosphere. The theme of the song is about letting go of the past and moving on.

Delphi has a powerful instrument – her stunning voice. She gives captivating performances and unforgettable concerts with a repertoire of her own lyrics and rhythms, which offer music-lovers some of the most original sound in the business.

For over a decade, Delphi has written her own songs as well as performed back-up vocals and tracks for some of Sweden’s biggest star and film productions. She has also written songs for artists and producers in China and England.

Now she is ready to release her music, independently where Stereo is the first single!

The single has gotten recognition from Latin American blogs such as “Groovin Mood”, “IndieCriollo” and the Swedish music blog “Popmuzik” where the music critique Johan Alexed described the song as a fresh summer breeze and Delphi being an artist we should all keep our eyes on.

THIS SUMMER she is performing in the swedish island music festival “Öland Roots”. She is also currently active in the alternative, environmental Eurovision song contest “MelloRebello” with her song “No more patience”.

Stereo has been placed on the following playlist mysoundMusic explicit and, one of our newer playlist, Find them on Spotify.

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