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Desolation is sort of a premice to M!grane’s next EP which will be all about Electronica.

Full Interview

Nicolas Gagner, most commonly known as M!GRANE, is a Canadian music producer who makes Progressive House, Melodic Techno and Mid-Tempo Bass / Electronica songs.

Born and raised in Montreal, he was introduced early to a rich musical heritage that became very inspiring for him. He began producing music as a teenager, self taught at first and later on went to Recording Arts Canada (RAC) college to extend his knowledge and dive further in music and audio engineering.

Specializing for a long time in hip hop music, he has decided later on in his life to go a different direction and embark on electronic music, seeing the potential to develop his skills in musical composition and sound design.

Since then, several releases have emerged on digital platforms, including two EPs entitled “Searching” and “The Pill”, which make a very clear demonstration of the extent of his talent and his multiple musical influences.