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In absolute secret, DJ Rayn (pronounce as Rain) has been preparing himself for a while for his grand outcome. Working as a ghost producer for diverse artists the time has come to step out of the shadows.

Now he released his first album and working on new tracks all the time. Music has been and always will be a major part of his life.

Beside creating music in his studio he also plays in several bands. He likes to cooperate with different singers to bring a variety to his sound.

This is just the beginning cause he wants to achieve a big audience by sharing his music on the internet.

DJ Rayn tells us his latest track, Better days, ‘Because there has been a lot of injustice in the world lately, discrimination, violence, dark days and we live in fear during covid, I want to offer people a little perspective through my music. This song is about hope, beautiful prospects and the better days to come. I hope the energy of this song will make us feel stronger. Hold on all, beautiful and better days are coming.’

DJ Rayn

Better Days, has been added to mysoundMusic featured artist and mysoundMusic Artist Spotlight

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