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  • DON MCAVOY (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Mandolin, Ukelele, Banjo, Sax, Harmonica, Belzuke, Cuatro,  ETC),
  • MARC AROT (Bass Guitar And Vocals),
  • MIKE McAVOY (Drums, Percussion, and Vocals)

What do you get when you mix…

  1. An Irish/Polish/Catholic, prolific singer/songwriting, multi-instrumentalist, son of a US Marine, AND
  2. An agnostic, sarcastic, politically incorrect, bespectacled, Italian/German, bass player AND
  3. A newlywed drummer with an encyclopedic memory and a huge collection of Star Wars memorabilia AND

You get Ribsy Records recording artists Don McAvoy & The Great Whatever® that features the talents of:

Don McAvoy and the Great Whatever


Don McAvoy (songwriter, lead vocals, various instruments, husband. father, dog owner, legal eagle):

Has written approximately 2,500 original songs and has won numerous songwriting awards.  Influenced by the classic rock of The Beatles, The Kinks, Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen and also by the 1970’s era of singer/songwriters. He had dial up internet up until 2010 and just got his first smartphone last year.  Thus, the reason the band calls him ‘’The Analog Man in a Digital World”!

Marc Arot (bass guitar, vocals, husband of a school teacher, annoying uncle, project manager):

Raised by a father who was a Philadelphia firefighter who introduced him to Frank Sinatra and Billy Joel on their long car rides to Atlantic City. Influenced by the obscure 1980’s music he discovered at a small insignificant college radio station, he self-taught himself the bass by mimicking the lines of Mike Mills of REM, Jonette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde and Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads and many other ”left of the dial” artists that helped him invent his bass playing technique and created a music addiction he has to this day!

Mike McAvoy (drums, percussion, vocals, newlywed, movie and music aficionado, memory of an elephant):

Our answer to the Muppets “Animal” and the long lost twin brother of Bevis.  He was the TV character “Monk” before the show ever existed and is always joined by his personal “Sharona”  Betsy who is now his wife! His drumming is influenced by all the greats like John Bohnam , Keith Moon, Buddy Rich, Charlie Watts, Phil Collins, Stewart Copeland, Alex Van Halen and sometimes Ringo.  He can remember, in vivid detail, what he did (and what YOU did!) 20 or more years ago. Drum solos ARE NOT optional!

PLUS a revolving door of family and friends who guest star in the studio and on the stage and put the ”Whatever” in ‘’The Great Whatever®’’, including: Joe McAvoy (Guitars, Vocals) & Felix Fitzsimmons (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) from the band Germany Hill (, John Harris (Vocals and guitar), Don McAvoy, Sr. (Don’s father on vocals), Jim Walsh (Guitar and vocals) and many other talented local and regional musicians (a violin here, a piano solo there, sprinkle in a horn section and some stunning backing vocals as required!).

Hometown Hero is a song that honors the memory of our friend, mentor and Hometown Hero – Mark Melvin (and his father Bill Melvin) and ALL other Hometown Heroes such as (but not limited to) police, fire, military and emergency personnel, clergy, teachers, single parents, and many others who have impacted our lives.

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