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Don Pasquale is a priest from the province of Naples who loves music and composes songs of Christian inspiration, present on all digital platforms.

Don Pasquale has four albums to his credit: Certezza 2017, Confidenza 2018, Come Rock 2019, The Gift of Life 2020, Fediliazione 2020 (Homemade).

Don Pasquale has also released the singles: Fiducia 2020 (Homemade), Guarda il Cielo 2020 (Homemade), Gioia immensa will be (Homemade) 2020 and others, they are all songs of evangelization and praise and, together with the albums, they are all present on the digital and streaming platforms.

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The featured song Fedelta has been added to Gospel, Christian, R&B and Soul …, as well as Jazz, R&B, Soul, World at mysoundMusic

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