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Dream Legacy are a powerhouse rock band from Germany who are emerging as a standard bearer for music that defines the classic and progressive heavy rock sound adored by millions around the globe. The brainchild of Andy Paynes and Alan Medeiros, the six-piece band also comprises of members John Zell, Ryan Zell, Ebo Hösch, Michael Hauck, and renowned vocalist André Carswell.

rock band Dream Legacy

Andy Paynes has been a guitarist for over 30 years and as the pandemic took hold, he immersed himself in the studio to write and record the music he loved. As his vision evolved, he brought in lyricist advisor Alan Medeiros and the idea of Dream Legacy was born. Putting together 15 songs in a short space of time, Andy asked to bring in his former bandmates from the 80s, and new members Michael Hauck and lead singer André Carswell to the project.

This band of brothers now had the foundation to produce the fast riffs, driving rhythms and electric power demanded of a high performing rock group. Anthemic vocals underpinned by a solid bass groove, heavy guitars and complex harmonies, the band have all the essential elements to lead their fans forward in a celebration of glorious rock music.

Dream Legacy are bringing their past and future imaginings together to deliver a swag of singles in 2021/2022 and an album, ‘Once in A Lifetime’, due out in 2022. With the world opening up to live performances, expect to hear and see their work bring the joy and excitement back to the music scene that we have all yearned for.

Be sure to check back … I’m sure there will be more music by Dream Legacy and mysoundMusic will keep you posted right here.

The featured song, Feel the Love, was added to Rock – Punk Discovery and Rockin’ iT Right

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