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Every Flavor Weather Machine is a 9-piece Brooklyn party band bringing a carnival of disco, funk, r&b and indie rock.

Formed in Bushwick in 2013, Every Flavor Weather Machine has grown from a piano-led folk-funk experiment into a tight-yet-freewheeling disco powerhouse.

On their new EP, Depression Disco – their fifth and strongest release to date – the band highlights their full range of influences and musicianship, nodding to the varied genre terrain they have covered over the past decade as members have rotated in and out of the city and the band’s collective.

Depression Disco showcases influences from LCD Soundsystem to the Talking Heads, built on a tight rhythm section and filled out with a cascade of voices, horns and percussions. As the track expands from its stark opening, the lyrics riff playfully on the themes of yearning and satisfaction.

The seemingly oxymoronic title nods at a familiar, lonely dance floor ecstasy and a strain of disaffection that runs through the whole EP:

Depression disco on my mind / I chase the feeling every night but it’s never enough” (“never enough, never enough,” the backing vocals insist). It might not be enough to dance the pain away, but it’s worth trying.