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Charity Macklin

Charity Macklin

Charity Macklin, an experienced choir director, piano instructor, and vocalist, is stepping into the world of contemporary/independent Christian music with her first single “You Are My God,” a piano ballad. The track features Macklin honing all of her piano and vocal skills with a song of worship about the conflicting nature of beliefs.

“At the end of the day, do I believe what I believe because it’s easy, beneficial, and makes my life better?” Charity asks. “That’s pretty shallow for any belief system. Or do I believe what I believe because I’ve tried my hardest to prove it false and it just won’t prove false?”

Charity, a lover of all kinds of music with pipes like Adele, also incorporated an Eastern music scale on the vocal line “if every good gift you gave, you stripped away.” The vocal phrase is very similar to a passage in The Bible, Job 1:21, a perfect example of how Charity blends different themes in her music.

“The word ‘gave,’ bends up. I was going for an echo of a lamenting wail,” she says. “I’m a huge fan of Eastern musical scales, and I think they are much better at reflecting tragedy than western music is.”

“You Are My God” is Charity’s first single, but she is toying with the idea of releasing more music, but she doesn’t want to rush the process, and perhaps find someone to collaborate with in the future.

“I would like to produce more songs,” she says. “I know that going it alone is limiting myself, and I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping that now that I have at least one song out, I can be more findable. Most of my songs are incomplete just waiting for someone else to have the other puzzle pieces.”