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Fifi C

Fifi C

Fifi C, vocalist and songwriter, has always been a creative person, with experience performing in minor theatre productions and studying music at The BRIT School, a British performing and creative arts school located in London, where she graduated in 2020.

She takes inspiration from Hannah Reid, the lead singer of London Grammar, Nina Simone and YEBBA, a unique mix of incredible voices. Fifi C has performed at South Facing Festival, Croydon Pride and for Apple at their Regent Street store.

Baby Me

Today’s younger generation has seen an increase in being overly self-critical with pressures from social media, mental health or societal issues. I think people have forgotten the simple, innocent lives, we all led when we were babies. ‘Baby Me’ is a call for people to look after their younger self because [they] ‘never asked to be.’ – Fifi C