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Masia One

Masia One was born in Singapore and raised in Canada, Masia One broke stereotypes for Asian and female artists in Toronto’s bourgeoning Hiphop scene (Worked with for Dr. Dre and with Pharrell, The Game, RZA of Wu Tang Clan and John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers). She earned her stripes working from L.A. to New York as a songwriter and creative consultant with studio Kops & Robbers, and later moved to Jamaica to record at Bob Marley!s Tuff Gong Studios. Now this artist is reconnecting with her roots in SE Asia and re-emerging as the #FarEastEmpress. Masia One is an artist, entrepreneur and cultural ambassador.

“One Away” is the idea that we may just be just a moment away from finding love, yet
with the subtleties of time and circumstance, we may still remain a hope. Set to the
classic reggae riddim of “Message in the Bottle” by Jahwise Productions, Masia One’s
lyrics ask that “what if” question when we are longing and daydreaming for the object of
our desire. Perhaps it is one more day together or one more chance encounter, the
song ends with the bitter-sweet notion that sometimes the perfect moment is fleeting,
and we remain within arms reach to our dream. Known for her hard rap flows, Masia
shows a softer side with “One Away”, delivering the melodies within a relaxed and
sweet tone.