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gospel singer Oge Stan

Oge Stan

From Edmonton Alberta Canada- Oge Stan is thrilled to announce the release of her latest new gospel songs Tittled ” In Your Presence ” and “EL OLAM ”
Available on all Digital Music Platforms e g. Spotify, Apple Music, lTunes, Tidal, Amazon Music, SoundCloud e.t.c
Distributes by CDBABY and DITTO MUSIC on the 30th of September and on the 4th of October 2022.
Watch the Music Videos on YouTube, Roku TV.

El olam is A Songof Adoration Exaltation and worship to the Everlasting Enternal Immortal Invincible Unending God of the Heavens and Earth.

This is a contemporary gospel song birthed at a time when Oge Stan was Evolving, Healing and Learning to find her peace within and in God in her Moments of Uncertainty.

The name El Olam is a Hebrew name of God, which mean Everlasting God or Enternal God. The first revelation of God as El Olam is in the book of Genesis 21: 33. Abraham call on the Everlasting God while planting a tamarisk tree in Beersheba just after he signed a treaty with Abimelech.
It is also found in Isaiah 40:28 and Romans 16:26. This name brings out one of the most exalted and awe-inspiring attributes of God. God as Eternal One ‘El Olam’, in Psalm 90:1-2 says ‘Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations. Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God.’ According to this, God has been in existence right from eternity past and will continue to exist right into eternity future
The new Testament application of El O lam is found in Eph 3: 8 – 10. These song El olam is a of reference and worship to the Everlasting God.

Oge Stan Full name is Miriam Ogechi ike, is a Canada base Nigerian Singer, song writer, Author, and a Lover of God. She started to sing at the age of Six. Not until recently she decided to take up singer professionally. She is a gradute of Finance and Banking also hold a M B A in Finance and Accounting from University of Nigeria and Obafemi Awolowo university respectively and other additional qualifications not mentioned
She is a mom of Four lovely kids but Lost one of her son to sickness. A wife to an Amazing Man and she is really passionate about Music

Personal contact and Social media

Facebook page: ogestan sounds & Ministry
Tiktok @ogestanmusic
Instagram @Ogestan_music.