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Rhett Dela Cruz

“WORTH THE WAIT” is a Pop Rock song for everyone who’s been feeling lost, pressured, frustrated, lonely, hopeless, and those who have been waiting for their wishes to come true.
2022 has been a year of uncertainty and waiting for God’s breakthrough in Rhett’s life. He finds it frustrating when others get their prayers answered first, especially when he’s been OBEYING and WAITING for a LONG TIME. So in the midst of the doubts, hopelessness and frustrations, he wrote this song to serve as an encouragement. He believes that despite the delays, God still wants the best for us and the prayers that we’ve been waiting for are WORTH THE WAIT!

Rhett Dela Cruz is a singer-songwriter, and a recording artist from Toronto. His vision is to create original songs that encourage and inspire people’s hearts in every circumstance through God’s love. His very first single “You Are My Strength” reached more than 10,000 streams and reached more than 30 countries in 2 months. Starting at a young age, Rhett has already performed in various concerts and has won in different singing contests in the city such as TDSB Idol. He is also Vocal Coach at JDL Talent and is currently a part of AMP-Star Magic Voice (Advanced) pool of talents. Rhett is also a Worship Leader and music director in church and his influence in music are Tauren Wells , Phil Wickham and Elevation Worship .