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Rootspence music


Meet Ubuntu, the newly born, bantu-inspired sexy, happy, and chill side of me. I went beyond the limits of reggae music to boldly emphasize the African vibes and mood by exploring the depths of Afrobeat and dancehall music. The song is a feel-good jam with lovely vibe, melody, and catchy lyrics. “Ubuntu” is the first single from my debut EP “Hello Summer”.

The five tracks on Hello Summer infuse two distinct genres, Reggae and Amapiano, the latter a contemporary style of house music that emerged in South Africa over the last decade, blending jazz, lounge and deep house to create a fusion of styles that reverberates with energy and soul.

From the first beats of opening track ‘Ubuntu’, my sense of joy at the world is evident. The lyrics and title reflect the wisdom of ‘ubuntu’, an ancient African philosophy meaning humanity towards others — something that percolates throughout each track of the EP.

Born Helio Sixpence in Malawi, Rootspence discovered his talent for arts and music from a young age, championed by his church and school educators. From his home in Mozambique, Rootspence is quickly making headway in the music scene with his unparalleled sound and style. Inspired by his own life experiences, Rootspence creates engaging, dynamic music that seeks to inform and inspire listeners.

Faith and community prove to be strong forces throughout Rootspence’s music.