Sly Quixote

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Backstroke is the first single from Sly Quixote’s upcoming debut album. The song is driven by flowing, echoing percussion and lush vocals, emulating the ebb and flow of the ocean and making a metaphorical comparison to romance. Sly’s songwriting on Backstroke was greatly influenced by songs on Brandy’s B7 album and Maxwell’s Embrya album.

Sly is an artist and songwriter originally from Massachusetts, but now living in Atlanta, Georgia. The name Sly Quixote is a play on the names of Don Quixote and Wile E. Coyote.

Ever the hopeless romantic, Sly identifies with Don Quixote’s chivalrous naivety, drawing a connection to his own reverence for the seemingly outdated, knightly ways of honor, compassion, and loyalty. A lover of music, Sly studied Ethnomusicology at university and aims to bring the same purpose and authenticity to his music that is found in so many cultures around the world.