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The Fisherman & The Sea

The Fisherman & The Sea – Stranglehold

The Fisherman & The Sea surprise their fans with the unannounced first cut from their upcoming album Be More Boldly You.

Rolling like a freight train from start to finish the song Stranglehold sounds like Foo Fighters with AC/DC’s Angus Young on lead gutar covering one of Tom Petty’s hits. Recorded on a sea fortress outside Helsinki by Mauri Syrjälä in the same studio The National recorded new tracks during their stay in Finland at and sonically perfected by twice Grammy nominated mastering engineer Svante Forsbäck (Rammstein, Ville Valo), the band have spared no expense to sound their absolute best on the upcoming record. ”

Stranglehold is about escapism, leaving the past behind, freeing yourself of that stranglehold, be it the town you grew up in, a relationship or simply turning a new page in your life.

While I was writing the song I had a chat with Emppu who now plays guitar for The Rasmus and together we lamented the fact there were no more songs with electric guitars let alone guitar solos being played on the radio. And later while I listened to one of Toto’s earlier records I marvelled over how they incorporated synths into their rock sound – so on this song there’s both a guitar and a synth solo! And it’s still only four minutes long!” singer-songwriter Jon Fisherman reminisces.