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music by Tye Cee

Tye Cee

From a very young age, I was always surrounded by music at home. The record player was constantly playing sounds of extraordinary singers and composers of Soul, Funk, Disco, Pop, Caribbean, Folk, Bossa Nova, or even Opera. Through these different currents, I could find some relief and escape the difficult moments. This fusion of influences and meanings gave birth to my passion for singing, performing and composing my own nostalgic fusion of Neo-Soul songs. I was 13 years old when I wrote my first song and when I started to practice singing in choirs and as a soloist. Through my music, I want to give back some entertainment, peace, reverie and relief to everyone who listens to it – so they can see that they are not finally being left behind. Because I truly believe that music is an exhilarating journey, an outlet that can help overcome any situation.

My new single “It’s Too Late” is now available! The lyrics highlight the sad reality of a love story that fades away due to unbalanced feelings in the couple and the need to bring love to oneself to move forward. The catchy bass line and drum beat help to give hope for not getting stuck and inspire the fact that we need to keep feeling good despite the situation.