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FIN8TY has a Versatile style unlike any other. He is based in Perth, Western Australia. He is a Singer and Songwriter. He mixes genres such as pop and rap to give a unique twist to his Tracks.

All songs are handwritten by FIN8TY as it feels very authentic and putting a pen to paper really helps FIN8TY with expressing himself.

FIN8TY is looking for a Record Deal and the dream would be for me to become one of the biggest Popstars in the world. His inspirations in terms of favourite artists are Juice WRLD and The Kid Laroi.

FIN8TY looks up to them as they have persevered through all adversity and made it to the top and he wishes to do the same.

More music by FIN8TY. We will keep you up to date on all of FIN8TY’s new music, right here.

The featured song Love U ? has been added to mysoundMusic hiphop and mysoundMusic Artist Spotlight

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