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FAWRU GANNDAL, or the ATTIC OF SAVOIRS, is a long matured album, which offers a journey through time and a call to knowledge. 

An album intended for all audiences young and old. An album that gives food for thought which for some will provide answers and for others will push them to ask questions … in both cases they will emerge from this sound and or visual journey with more knowledge on themes such as, history, citizenship, duties, relationships between women and men, diversity and parity among others …

This new Opus is a kind of transmission of what our old and great men of history have transmitted – to transmit In Africa a quote comes to me, “an old man who dies is like a library that burns” I want to continue this transmission flush with the Age and don’t let the library burn. – share The artist has for mission, for fuel and does not lock himself in the studio for days and months for one thing to share with his audience. – raise awareness at the time when many people are lost and where manners are mixed up, it is good to remind young and old alike of things, to raise awareness and my mission as a committed artist is also to offer background texts

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