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Groovin’ to the Music ep.3

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“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. …” – Victor Hugo

I’m going to keep this short…. check out the artist we have ‘our ear on ‘.

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featured artist: Scottie Ba Barnett, 904DadLife, DiDs Music, Mattia Greggio, Bennett Coleman, Femme Fatene, Stefan Betulovici, Piero Bianchi ft Cristina Potoschnig, Charity Macklin, Brian Shades, Allison Mareek, Javier Moreno, SAMBOX, Sly Quixote, kardada, Kun D, Robert P. Johnson, II, CHOEY G, YoungCorn, Grimsby, Yeo and Kitty Purrnaz, Wide-Eyed Lounge Cats

Scottie Ba Barnett

It’s song about people getting away from everything.


A story of hope and love is forged into the intricacies of… “904DadLife”

DiDs Music

I wrote Check The Mic at a very uncertain time across the… “DiDs Music”

Mattia Greggio

1) It is a song that I composed on a summer day… “Mattia Greggio”

Bennett Coleman

“Nothing To Do With Me” is a high energy, thoughtful Country Rock… “Bennett Coleman”

Femme Fatene

In her single Volar, Femme Fatene dares to reconnect with her African… “Femme Fatene”


Being a foreigner in California during the lockdown: this song is about… “kardada”

Kun D

Good day is a laid back positive vibe that you can happily… “Kun D”

Robert P. Johnson, II

Patella’s Knee is a verdant, fledging song full of life and love.… “Robert P. Johnson, II”


We Are The Ones takes you on a nostalgic journey through the… “CHOEY G”


This describes a relationship that has been through a lot he sings… “YoungCorn”


I was teaching guitar in Georgetown Texas, when one of my students… “Grimsby”

Yeo and Kitty Purrnaz

‘Little Secret’ is the second single of The Great Wave artist collective… “Yeo and Kitty Purrnaz”

Wide-Eyed Lounge Cats

“Outside” is Wide-Eyed Lounge Cat’s newest single, written in the gospel style… “Wide-Eyed Lounge Cats”

featured artist