featured artist episode 6

Groovin’ to the Music ep.6

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The idea of music is to liberate the listener and lead him to a frame where he feels he is elevated. – A. R. Rahman

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I love what I do… listening and sharing talented artists, creating and sharing what they love to do.

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Tyrone Sturk

This song is highlighting history, along with righteousness and truth.

The Stuart Patti Project

My daughter Ruth wrote the lyrics to the first single, Lamb of… “The Stuart Patti Project”

Jack Fayden

The screams of the Planet and life itself are not so quiet.… “Jack Fayden”

Bobby jon Key

She likes to dance Moon shadows, written in the 1990’s


I’m the producer of this track and the singer is my artist… “Rubbo”


The song is real life about me and what I live every… “Lamar”

Gossip Stone

Carry On is the first full band single from Gossip Stone. The… “Gossip Stone”

Dante TK

Ignite The Flame is an upbeat song inspired by the Norwegian winter… “Dante TK”

MJ Wemoto and BlvckSmyth

The journey to understanding that life isn’t a straight line can be… “MJ Wemoto and BlvckSmyth”

Lennox Harrison

I wanted to create. a track that would develop, morph and expand… “Lennox Harrison”

Florent Sivell

Canadian Singer-songwriter, known for his well-established folk rock songs, influenced by Elliott… “Florent Sivell”


With You is a smooth and timeless love song. GiHRL is a… “GiHRL”


«Humans» is a chill house track that is about the equality of… “Piceos”

The Outsiders

Change is track 4 off of our debut album, “Yesterday Today &… “The Outsiders”


Summer Vacation is all about facing the challenges of adulthood while longing… “Trevan”

Slim Pickens

Good Day is for everyone. It’s a hip hop song with some… “Slim Pickens”

The Guv

An experimental song about some space travellers who visit an exoplanet to… “The Guv”

Time Waves

Time Waves debut single ‘Shooting Stars’ has a retro feel blending 80s’… “Time Waves”

Female President

Elegy For My Father is a tribute song that blends classic rock… “Female President”

Drea Lake

One of the things that have always made Canadian music unique are… “Drea Lake”

Dusty men

belgian electro composer very intense and emotional sound pure voice

featured artist episode 6