episode 7

Groovin’ to the Music ep.7

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Groovin’ to the Music is a music series spotlighting talented seasoned & emerging artist perfect for any playlist.

The joy of music should never be interrupted by a commercial. – Leonard Bernstein

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Tye Cee

From a very young age, I was always surrounded by music at… Read more “Tye Cee”

Denzell Quinn

This song is about being lost in calamity and being found by… Read more “Denzell Quinn”


This is the first song I wrote in Florida after I moved… Read more “Jackalico”

Fabian Soll

1) Dance on the groovy beat. Get lost in the euphoric breakdown.… Read more “Fabian Soll”

E epillz

Edward (Epillz) Henderson was born August 9th 1985. The Hill section of… Read more “E epillz”


The songs about a love or a desire for somebody and you… Read more “BoyIrish”


Alternative Rap and genre fusion duo from England. We create emotive soundscapes… Read more “Arcane-Gel”

Down Suite

Hold On ~ single ~ Down Suite ~ a first offering into… Read more “Down Suite”


This track presents atraction to the young audience within relationship issues, the… Read more “Malbo”


Casatis is a young band that just finished recording a second album.… Read more “Casatis”

Oge Stan

From Edmonton Alberta Canada- Oge Stan is thrilled to announce the release… Read more “Oge Stan”


Based in Luxembourg, JmNPR is a multi-genre songwriter/producer. In 2021-2022, he worked… Read more “JmNPR”

Rico Rossi

Every once in a while a perfect combination makes itself known. That… Read more “Rico Rossi”

Brianne Matthews

“Christmas This Year” is a song about enjoying the simple memories of… Read more “Brianne Matthews”

Groovin’ to the Music episode 7