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Groovin’ Featured Artist

Goldy Cappel

Goldy Cappel is a singer songwriter and producer from Paris France.

Kosta Lois

Hello! My name is Kosta, I am a Music Producer & Songwriter from Greece living in Los Angeles, CA. I have this beautifully composed track called ‘Acercate’ that I’ve been working on for a while! Check it out!


Glistenin’ is a love story told through smooth vocals, conversational and grown lyrics, it is truly an organic R&B song.

Sicilian-born, Sydney-raised RnB singer/songwriter Melkior shares glimpses of his reality through memories and storytelling, utilizing his lush lyrical and vocal precision to hit that tender spot you didn’t know existed.

Migrating to Sydney at a young age, Melkior brings the Italian passion and mixes it with poetic and conversational yet grown lyrics, silky emotional vocals, and diverse melodies that organically impact the listener, giving off a mix of MJ, Usher, The Weeknd with the attitude of old school Drake.

Scottie Ba Barnett

It’s song about people getting away from everything.


A story of hope and love is forged into the intricacies of a melody that will inspire. Let’s Quit Talking is an anthem that will bring out the courage that lies within all of us to travel anywhere with the love of our lives.

904DadLife’s artistry is unique and engaging with scintillating chords and vocals that will resonate deeply with audiences across the globe. Fans of contemporary music and its facets will connect with this one of a kind sound that is sure to capture the hearts of many.

DiDs Music

I wrote Check The Mic at a very uncertain time across the world. The news was only filled with negative news. I wanted to create a happy upbeat song that would make people feel good. I feel Check The Mic does just that.

DiDs Music has been writing/composing and producing her own songs for over a decade. Writing songs and sending them out into the world where my songs can heal, create memories and inspire is truly amazing

Mattia Greggio

1) It is a song that I composed on a summer day immersed in a garden full of flowers.
Watching them move freely, adapting to the wind and offering themselves to the various insects that fluttered around, inspired me for this piece.

2) I’m Mattia Greggio, an independent italian pianist and composer. In every piece I compose, it is important that the emotion, the feeling, the story that I wanted to convey, that I left in the piece, can be returned to me when I go to listen it.

Bennett Coleman

“Nothing To Do With Me” is a high energy, thoughtful Country Rock tune relatable to anyone who’s ever been lied to for too long. I wrote this song for anyone who’s gone through a break up and has become a better person for it. One where you were easily fooled by their sly words and good looks, but ultimately found out that person was lying to you all along. The upbeat energy of the song contrasts sharply with the otherwise sad nature of the experience. I wrote all of the lyrics and instrumental parts and played all instruments and vocals in the Anchor & Pines Studio myself.

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, singer, songwriter, and guitar player Bennett Coleman has honed his craft at music festivals and bars across the southeast blending gritty Americana Country Rock with a soulful R&B voice. He’s played in massive festivals across the southeast opening for artists like Carrie Underwood, Lee Brice, Morgan Wallen, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, but has always had songs of his own that he wanted to share with the world. His first self-written singles hit all major platforms this year and feature him playing all instruments sitting in on drums, bass, keys, guitars, and vocals.

Femme Fatene

In her single Volar, Femme Fatene dares to reconnect with her African roots thanks to Pblo, a producer from Zimbabwe who lives in Manchester. As usually, Femme Fatene experiments with genres such as afrobeat, pop and r&b, to deliver a different and very particular sound.

Stefan Betulovici

Positive but glommy song emphasising hope, desire and patience. I wrote this song on the spot so lyrics highlights my emotions at that specific moment.

About myself? I started writing, composing and producing songs about one year ago. I also play classical guitar for about 10 years.
All I’m seeking is progress with every new song I make.

Piero Bianchi (and Cristina Potoschnig)

A song (but this applies to any musical composition and other artistic forms) is the fruit of the encounter between a Musician and Inspiration.
Although the two have always been destined to meet, in reality it is not certain that this meeting takes place in a simple and rapid way: the two look for each other, chase each other, expect, move away and then get closer, sometimes along long and complicated roads, apparently divergent, until – often almost by chance or suddenly – that spark is triggered, which irremediably gives life to a unique and unrepeatable emotion.

Piero Bianchi is an Italian singer songwriter, who has always devoted himself to music with passion in his free time.

Piero Bianchi

This song is inspired by the novel “Love in the time of cholera” by G. G. Marquez (who received in 1982 the Nobel Prize for Literature).
The meaning of this song is to always love and never give up, because life is too short and therefore it is worth pursuing one’s desires.
As the ancient Romans used to say, “Amor vincit omnia”, whose translation is “Love triumphs over all things” and this is the final message of this song.

Piero Bianchi is an Italian singer songwriter, who has always devoted himself to music with passion in his free time.

Charity Macklin

Charity Macklin, an experienced choir director, piano instructor, and vocalist, is stepping into the world of contemporary/independent Christian music with her first single “You Are My God,” a piano ballad. The track features Macklin honing all of her piano and vocal skills with a song of worship about the conflicting nature of beliefs.

“At the end of the day, do I believe what I believe because it’s easy, beneficial, and makes my life better?” Charity asks. “That’s pretty shallow for any belief system. Or do I believe what I believe because I’ve tried my hardest to prove it false and it just won’t prove false?”

Charity, a lover of all kinds of music with pipes like Adele, also incorporated an Eastern music scale on the vocal line “if every good gift you gave, you stripped away.” The vocal phrase is very similar to a passage in The Bible, Job 1:21, a perfect example of how Charity blends different themes in her music.

“The word ‘gave,’ bends up. I was going for an echo of a lamenting wail,” she says. “I’m a huge fan of Eastern musical scales, and I think they are much better at reflecting tragedy than western music is.”

“You Are My God” is Charity’s first single, but she is toying with the idea of releasing more music, but she doesn’t want to rush the process, and perhaps find someone to collaborate with in the future.

“I would like to produce more songs,” she says. “I know that going it alone is limiting myself, and I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping that now that I have at least one song out, I can be more findable. Most of my songs are incomplete just waiting for someone else to have the other puzzle pieces.”

Brian Shades

This song is a soft rock love song like Green Day and 3 Doors Down. Whether if you are chasing your special loved one or your “almost unachievable” dream, you just need to believe that “I Could Be The One”.

My name is Brian Shades and I am an upcoming artist who just released my debut album earlier this week. I like to connect emotionally with my audience through resonating them with my music.

Allison Mareek

‘Tenderly’ is a love letter to someone you know you’re about to lose. When in your heart you know that you’re most afraid of losing the person you were with the one you love.

Allison Mareek is a multicultural singer and songwriter. Descendent of Mediterranean immigration blended with a French grandmother and upbringing, she came of age while living abroad and developed a love for diversity in cultures and people. She crafts a sound where soulful melodies meet jazz standards, ear-catching blue notes, and a minimalist pop production – blending as many different colors and routes as the ones that have dotted her storyline so far.

Javier Moreno

Barcelona singer songwriter Javier Moreno presents “Despedida”, which translates as Farewell, a deep song about letting go, releasing, and saying good bye to things or people that no longer serve our path, not in a selfish way, but in recognizing that deep knowledge of the heart of when is time to move on and practice Acceptance.

Sly Quixote

Backstroke is the first single from Sly Quixote’s upcoming debut album. The song is driven by flowing, echoing percussion and lush vocals, emulating the ebb and flow of the ocean and making a metaphorical comparison to romance. Sly’s songwriting on Backstroke was greatly influenced by songs on Brandy’s B7 album and Maxwell’s Embrya album.

Sly is an artist and songwriter originally from Massachusetts, but now living in Atlanta, Georgia. The name Sly Quixote is a play on the names of Don Quixote and Wile E. Coyote.

Ever the hopeless romantic, Sly identifies with Don Quixote’s chivalrous naivety, drawing a connection to his own reverence for the seemingly outdated, knightly ways of honor, compassion, and loyalty. A lover of music, Sly studied Ethnomusicology at university and aims to bring the same purpose and authenticity to his music that is found in so many cultures around the world.


Being a foreigner in California during the lockdown: this song is about overcoming difficult times and incertitudes. The blu sky you did not chose is watching over you though – and it’s time to embrace life and to dance to break free.

kardada is a Swiss-Italian synth-pop duo formed in 2022, consisting of primary vocalist and songwriter Iris Moné and producer and lyricist kandrax.
The name kardada is a direct reference to the Alpine village of Cardada, in Southern Switzerland, where the duo met and became friends as teenagers, during a ski course.

Kun D

Good day is a laid back positive vibe that you can happily play whilst exploring the world and go about your day with a smile on your face.

Kun D meaning good guy in Thai is an emerging artist from Sheffield, UK. This is his first single and now he has a good understanding of creating and releasing music, the foundations have been set for much more future hits. Keep your ears peeled.

Robert P. Johnson, II

Patella’s Knee is a verdant, fledging song full of life and love. Patella’s Knee has been in my heart for some time, and I am honored and humbled to share the song to the world. Patella’s Knee is a song for everyone. It is about human connection and true friendship.

Well, my name is Robert P. Johnson, II and I love to cook chocolate chip cookies 🍪 and create songs, music, life, and love to be a boon and a blessing to humankind!!! Patella’s Knee is just an organic expression of my life. Having lived in New Jersey and Germany, and being an military brat opened my eyes to a whole new world. I started Mercer University for biomedical engineering and finished college in communications.


We Are The Ones takes you on a nostalgic journey through the past, present and future! The melancholy verse slams into the hard chorus, mixed in with choppy guitar riffs and an epic vocal harmony!

CHOEY G blasts nostalgic pop punk with a message! Debut album ‘TIME?’ is out now! Originally from the UK, now residing in New Zealand, CHOEY G is on a mission to bring back the great era of rock from the early 2000s, all whilst mixing in face melting guitar solos!


This describes a relationship that has been through a lot he sings out what he wants and what he’s thinking and all he wants is the best for him and his love you can hear it in the sound and his voice he loves her


I was teaching guitar in Georgetown Texas, when one of my students told me the story of how his friend decided to go to church one fine Sunday, but they wouldn’t let him in because he wasn’t dressed right!!

Grimsby is a new project with Music written and performed by Josh Koons–

Yeo and Kitty Purrnaz

Yeo and Kitty Purrnaz

‘Little Secret’ is the second single of The Great Wave artist collective DAO, and features a collaboration between two fiercely independent singer-songwriter-producers Yeo (Melbourne, Australia) and Kitty Purrnaz (Singapore).

Poised to grab your attention from the get-go, the track opens strongly with throwback electric guitar riffs blended with modern drum production as the bedrock for Kitty’s signature soulful vocals, immediately painting an emotive narrative of longing and the anxieties that manifest from not having sufficient assurance in a relationship. The introduction of Yeo’s sombre baritone brings the song to another level of darkened intensity, simmering and then climaxing in a duet of intricate harmonies over the catchy chorus refrain.

Wide-Eyed Lounge Cats

“Outside” is Wide-Eyed Lounge Cat’s newest single, written in the gospel style with elements of folk-rock, jazz & funk blended in the band’s own image.

Featured on Relix magazine’s CD Sampler alongside Tim Reynolds, North Mississippi Allstars and others, “Outside” explores the longing most of us shared to get back outside and with our friends post-pandemic.

South Chase Ave

We’re a band out of middle of nowhere Lynchburg Virginia made up of a group of reject musicians from our college. Each one of comes from different places around the country and from different musical backgrounds but it’s what gives our music our sound.

Thorns is our first single released under our name and we currently have our first EP in production slated to release in the early EARLY winter.


Aaron Dela Cruz, also known as Cruz, is a Melbourne-based, 19-year-old singer/songwriter/producer and guitarist who has a style influenced by Rini, Frank Ocean, Daniel Caesar, Kehlani, Bryson Tiller and The Weeknd. Within the short span of a few weeks, Cruz was able to release his first EP ‘Second Thoughts’. And just recently released his first single ‘Tables for Two’!

Melbourne-based singer Cruz returns with his latest romantic offering Am I In Your Way? Inspired by heartfelt and mentally challenging moments of his love life. Preaching about how moving too fast in relationships can cause an individual to feel like they are ‘in the way’. Intimate piano chords cascade around the angelic vocals whilst the bass guitar hones in on those low-end frequencies, acting as ear candy to the listener. release supported by playlist submission, radio and organic outreach.

Strong Persuaders

Strong Persuaders are a pop/rock/blues/jazz band from Canada that has been playing together since childhood. Their style continues to evolve over the years as they constantly strive to make music that can be enjoyed by all.

The Days is an upbeat, jazz inspired pop song that aims to put listeners in a feel-good mood. The strong and vibrant horn section serves to truly bring the emotions of this song to life.


Indonesian electronic husband and wife duo Jevin Julian and Rinni Wulandari are back with a bolder sound and more badass image overhaul. With singles being released back to back throughout the past 6 months, the electronic duo have announced the release of their long-awaited debut album, ‘RE/SET’, now available on all major digital streaming platforms.

Having met through a local music competition show, The Remix, Soundwave started performing and building their fan base through the competition itself. Since clinching the Vice Champion award of The Remix, both Jevin Julian and Rinni Wulandari have continued releasing music as prolific solo artists, as well as singles together as an electronic music project under Soundwave. The debut album, ‘RE/SET’ tells the story of Soundwave’s journey from Day 1 up till now, kicking off album celebrations with their final single, Whatever It Takes, an energetic ode to all fans who have been with them on their music journey.

Jean-Luc Lecoutour

Je suis un ancien Disc Jockey (Champion de France 89) accros à la musique, aujourd’hui je me lance dans la composition. D’habitude je compose des morceaux instrumentaux et là j’ ai écris ce titre “Vivre” , car j’ aime les sons des années 80.
Est maintenant il ne me reste plus qu’à attendre l’avis du publics

Jean-Luc Lecoutour is a former Disc Jockey (Champion of France 89) addicted to music, today I start composing. Usually I compose instrumental pieces and there I wrote this title “Vivre”, because I like the sounds of the 80s.
Is now all I have to do is wait for the opinion of the public

Inky Royal

Inky Royal is a band duo from DC formed by multi-talented artists The Real Lucky Lamar & The Real Eddie Black. Together they have created an incredible fusion of music inspired by the funk while rooted in hip hop.

The marriage of the two genres along with the contrasting styles of Lucky & Eddie creates an awesome chemistry between the two.

This single sends a universal reminder that most naturally can appreciate…treat people how you want to be treated!


SonikBuster is an artist + producer, a night driver, a dawn chaser, + lover of all things dark and dreamy.
I love life, + my tiny family. I love creating the things that drive +/or motivate you to be the best you that you can be. Who ever you are, where ever you are, + whatever your dream may be – chase it relentlessly

Night in Rearview was written to capture that surreal moment when the sun rises after being out all night, and the energy that it carries with it. Everyone has gone from dusk until dawn for one reason or another. We wanted this song to be something a little different from the celebration of the nightlife itself; so we focused in on the afterglow in wake of sunrise.

Jamie Alimorad

Jamie Alimorad‘s vocal and songwriting prowess has made him one of the must-hear new artists. With over 10 million streams across platforms, and sold out shows throughout the United States, he has set himself apart with catchy hooks, and an undeniable stage presence.

Give a Little Lovin’ is the definition of groove. A fun, funky pop song that’s fresh, but feels so familiar. The track has won several independent music awards, and the music video has been featured on MTV.

Brandon James

Brandon James is a Chicago based powerhouse vocalist that is not only sultry, but grips you with waves of raw emotions featuring a contemporary soul and R&B Pop sound.

Exposing you to tingles of both Stevie Wonder & John Legend, he leaves his own mark with unforgettable performances where he’s opened up for countless iconic acts including Earth Wind & Fire.


Rayhan Kaliq


is an American Rapper, Vocalist,
songwriter, Record Producer, and composer. Rayhan KaliQ
This song brings truth, rawness, & authenticity. Bouncing beat, paired with lyrics to life experiences.

Valère Géron


Géron’s debut single You Don’t Want My Heart is a mindful composition that intentionally draws on a combination of contemporary and classic elements to create a cheerfully upbeat track while simultaneously being brutally raw and honest.