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Groovin’ Featured Artist

2022 was a year of discovering wonderful talent. What a way to end the year …

gloom bug

gloom bug grew up sleeping in hammocks at bluegrass festivals in rural alabama. her songs feature a mix of genres, including folk, jazz and psychedelic pop.




folk, pop


Welcome to “No Tomorrow,” a high-energy hip-hop track that brings together the exceptional talents of producer “Hitman” from northern Illinois and popular rapper MCH CJ from Atlanta, Georgia.

This thrilling collaboration promises to be a chart-topping hit, boasting heavy 808 bass, soulful guitar riffs, and pulsating trap drums that will have listeners hooked from the first beat.


Hip hop, Rap, Soul


ACTHEKiDFROMSPACE is a self taught Montreal, Canada based artist & sound engineer. Taking influences from many genres and artists, AC has been able to develop his own sound that stretches the boundaries of genre based music.

His goal is to make smooth midnight songs that can make people feel the memories and feelings that he lived while creating them.




Zardee from East London is an up-and-coming artist to look out for, he describes his music as having an Old skool vibe with a modern twist, giving him a unique style. Also known as Bigz the host, Zardee hosts and DJs for many artists and influencers such as Trey Songz, Krept & Konan and wretch32. He also hosted on the Pepsi Stage at Wireless in 2020, toured with Big Tobz and very recently, opened for Amaria BB at Afronation 2022.

His latest single ‘Waste No Time’ is a heartfelt homage to a woman from East London, her magnetic charm serving as the artist’s muse.


Contemporary R&B/UK Rap


As an artist, I channel my emotions into my music. When I created ‘Fkn’ with Me,’ I found myself in the studio reflecting on the journey I’ve undertaken, both as a creative and as an individual.