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Hillhar‘s new track is a contemplative song exploring the realm of dream, reality and the self which we all had to reevaluate during the past year, spending hours on end alone at home. It invites the listener into a dramatic orchestral journey not unlike a Bond theme, with a mysterious and seductive melody.

The release is accompanied by a live session, a social media campaign and live concerts around Israel. The Music video was shot during a live session with the “Israel Chamber Orchestra” who also took part in the recording of the song.

Hillhar is an Electro-Pop trio that began operating in 2016 in Tel Aviv. Since than the trio completed a tour of Israel and Europe as part of the promotion for the international debut album Earthly Divine.

The band has a closed knit group of fans both in Israel and in Europe that interacts with their musical and textual ideas and their unique approach for musical production.

The featured song The Big Mystery of Me has been added to Artist in the Queue and BaeBee BaeBee.

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