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Jenny Dolly

Jenny Dolly has recently released her 1st original song.

In Jenny’s own words ….

Alone in my shoes, for me, is a bit like a child … It was born imperfect, with so many insecurities and naivety.

Born and registered in my bedroom one night, it came out like a water flow, as if it couldn’t stand being in my body anymore.

It is the first song I have ever written and it was born with so many fears: ‘Will the world like it? Will people listen to it and understand it? Will It be accepted?

The first to have difficulty accepting it, was me, I didn’t think it was a bad song, on the contrary I spent a lot of that time and energy thinking about how to make it perfect.
It took months just to find the right mix, the right volumes in the right parts, every single detail was super important to me.

To then wait for a moment and realize that this song was not meant to be perfect at all, in fact, it HAD to be imperfect!

Alone in my shoes is my first brushstroke on the canvas, the first footprint on an unknown planet, where I have never set foot and where I found myself alone with my shoes.

I hope that those who listen to this song won’t do it criticizing, but just wearing good headphones, closing their eyes for a moment and letting themselves be taken into the starry and mystical world where me and my shoes live.

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