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Released as part of her Debut EP ‘Love..Girl’, Tell Them is a smooth, romantic track for those late night bedroom vibes. This exciting Pop/R&B artist recorded this track at Qube studios in London with producer Zeke Africa.

Describing the writing process as “a very intimate and creative vibe”, Tell Them is a perfect addition to any bedroom jam playlist.

Starting out producing tracks in her bedroom at the age of 16, Kai Justine has dedicated her time to honing her craft and songwriting skills. Studying at Point Blank Music School, she has a wide repertoire of skills, as not only is she a singer/songwriter, she also composes, arranges and produces all of her own music directly from her home studio creating her own original sound makes her identifiable and unique.

A hybrid of contemporary r’n’b, pop, but with all the uk flair thrown in, her debut single ‘Books’ was full of her own sassy personality. With her new single ‘Body’ due for release in mid March, Kai Justine is embarking on her next chapter which will culminate in the release of her debut EP ‘Love..Girl

featured song, by Kai Justine, Tell Them

Contemporary RnB artist

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